What are Fleas?

Fleas are tiny parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts. They are small, brownish insects that can be seen jumping around on the skin or fur of their hosts. They are about 1/8-inch long and can be very difficult to see with the naked eye.

They can be found on animals and people and can cause various health problems. In addition, flea populations can grow rapidly, making them a serious pest to deal with. Fortunately, there are many ways to control fleas, both indoors and outdoors.

How To Identify Fleas

The best way to identify fleas is to look for signs of them on your pet. For example, seeing your pet scratching or biting itself more than usual may be a sign that it has fleas. You may also be able to see small, brownish insects crawling on their skin or fur.

Flea Pest Control

The importance of flea pest control cannot be overstated. Fleas can cause a variety of health problems for both pets and people and can quickly multiply into large populations. Therefore, it is essential to take steps to control fleas both indoors and outdoors.

Finding reliable, professional flea treatment can do a lot to help you eliminate these pesky little critters from your property. It can also help to prevent future infestations from occurring. Flea beetle control can be done indoors and outdoors, so it’s important to be vigilant both inside and outside of your home.

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Dealing With A Flea Infestation

If you have a flea infestation, there are a few things you can do to get rid of them. First, you will need to treat both your pet and your home. This is because fleas can lay eggs anywhere, including on your furniture, bedding, and carpeting.

To start, you will need to treat your pet with a flea shampoo or other product designed to kill fleas. You may also need to give them a Flea Bath. Be sure to follow the directions on the product label carefully.

After treating your pet, you will need to focus on your home. Start by vacuuming all of the carpets and upholstered furniture in your home. Be sure to dispose of the vacuum bag immediately after you are finished so the fleas cannot escape back into your home.

You may also need to wash all of your bedding and clothing in hot water. This will kill any fleas or eggs that may be present. You may also need to treat your home with an insecticide designed for flea control or call Mission Pest Control for professional flea removal and flea fumigation to ensure that no fleas are missed.

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Preventing Flea Infestations

The best way to deal with fleas is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. However, there are a few things you can do to help prevent fleas from taking up residence in your home.

The first thing you can do is to keep your pet clean and well-groomed. This will help to remove any fleas or eggs that may be present on their fur. You should also regularly vacuum and wash all the bedding and clothing in your home.

You can also take steps to control fleas outdoors. This includes keeping your yard clean and free of debris. You may also want to consider using an insecticide (outdoor flea treatment) around the perimeter of your home. We recommend finding a trusted pest control company that offers professional flea treatment and prevention services, such as Mission Pest Control.

Mission Pest Control Flea Removal Services

If you are dealing with a flea infestation, the best thing you can do is to call a professional pest control company. Mission Pest Control offers flea control services that can help you get rid of fleas in your home and yard. We also provide preventative services that can help to keep fleas from becoming a problem in the first place. Our technicians will be able to assess the situation and recommend the best course of action. Flea removal can be difficult, so getting professional help is vital.

With over 12 years of experience servicing the Southern California area, we know what you’re up against. Our Mission team members are dedicated to helping you prevent and manage your current pest need. In addition, mission Pest Control is committed to providing the best service available.

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